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El Rey Effects Introduces the Mystic and Fuzz de la Muerte Pedals

El Rey Effects Introduces the Mystic and Fuzz de la Muerte Pedals

Ohio-based El Rey Effects have announced two new pedals for Summer NAMM: The Mystic and Fuzz de La Muerte

Cincinnati, OH (June 6, 2013) -- El Rey Effects is a boutique pedal company out of Cincinnati, OH that has been making hand wired effects over the past several years, and has recently expanded into Mexico and Brazil. The hand-built pedals use only the highest quality components, and feature a lifetime guarantee on internal components of the pedal.

With some of the most eye-catching graphics and the dirtiest fuzz this side of Fu Manchu, El Rey Effects also offers hand-painted and custom graphics upon request.

Two of the newest additions to the El Rey Effects’ pedal line feature the extremely popular Mystic Fuzz and the Fuzz de La Muerte.

The Mystic is a Burr Brown opamp based fuzz circuit featuring an adjustable clipping switch, allowing the user to adjust the voicing of the pedal. "With its Ouija board inspired graphics, it'll quickly grab your attention visually, and completely blow you away once you plug it in." says designer and founder James Nielsen.

The Fuzz de la Muerte is a silicone based fuzz pedal with an on-board gate and three-way color selector switch, allowing adjustment of the tonal characteristics of the pedal. This pedal gives the user the flexibility to cover a broad range of fuzz styles in one pedal.

All El Rey Effects' pedals are wired with true bypass switching, and feature both a 9v battery connector and a standard 9v DC center negative adapter.

Both the Mystic Fuzz and the Fuzz de la Muerte are priced at $140 MSRP for the Mystic and $149 MSRP for the Fuzz de la Muerte.

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