It features the same classic body profile as the original historic Flying V first released in the late 1950s.

Nashville, TN (April 11, 2016) -- Epiphone, the world leader in affordable, professional instruments proudly presents the debut of the Ltd. Ed. Brent Hinds Flying-V Custom, a new signature model designed by the incredible Brent Hinds, lead singer and guitarist of Mastodon.

Modern legend Brent Hinds has recently been honored with a Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award by Guitar World for his ferocious guitar chops and has appeared in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Hinds is renowned as one of the greatest guitarists of his generation, and now Epiphone is proud to welcome him into the House of Stathopoulo’s elite group of signature artists with his own take on his favorite guitar, the world-famous Flying V.

Historic Flying-V Style with a Modern Twist
The Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Brent Hinds Flying-V Custom features a Mahogany body with a Silverburst finish, a Mahogany neck with a rounded 1958 profile and an Ebony fingerboard. The Brent Hinds Flying-V Custom has the same classic body profile as the original historic Flying-V first released in the late 1950s. Hinds’ Flying-V is powered by Lace® USA Brent Hinds signature Hammer Claws™ Humbuckers, designed by Brent to unleash a bright attack with a smooth midrange crunch, along with balanced lows and highly responsive dynamics. On the back of the headstock is Epiphone’s "2016" Limited Edition symbol and Brent Hinds’ signature “Skull” logo. As with all Epiphones, the Ltd. Ed. Brent Hinds Flying-V Custom comes with Epiphone’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and world-renowned 24/7/365 Gibson Customer Service.

“I love Flying Vs and I love my Epiphone,” said Hinds. “It’s perfect and it’s cooler than all the other guitars.”

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