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Ernie Ball Introduces the Volt Pedalboard Power Supply

Ernie Ball Introduces the Volt Pedalboard Power Supply

An ultra-compact, road-ready pedalboard unit that features 9 and 18 volt outputs.

San Luis Obispo, CA (January 25, 2021) -- Ernie Ball has introduced the Volt Power Supply, an ultra-compact, road-ready pedalboard unit that puts a complete powering solution in the palm of your hand.

With its multiple isolated, high current DC power outputs, the Volt supplies clean, regulated power to almost any digital or analog effects pedals. The compact and rugged housing can fit almost anywhere on even the densest pedalboard. If you need low noise and reliable power for any gig, the Ernie Ball Volt is perfect for your rig!

Measuring just 90 x 59 x 23mm, this power supply is smaller than a pack of Slinkys, so it fits almost anywhere on even the busiest pedalboard. When touring internationally, you can plug the Volt into virtually any outlet – from the US and UK to the EU and China – using the universal AC adapter. And when the house lights go down, the Volt’s LED indicators give you the status of each input/output at a glance, so you never miss a beat. There’s even the option of daisychaining multiple Volt units, so your setup stays streamlined, even when your sound evolves.

Constructed with tough shielded housing, the Ernie Ball Volt takes the punishment of duty on your pedalboard. Thermally protected and short circuit-proof – with ultra-low noise operation that won’t compromise your tone – the Volt lets you forget about your rig and focus on your performance.

Ernie Ball Volt Power Supply features:

  • Regulated 9 and 18 Volt DC outputs.
  • LED indicators for each input/output.
  • Short Circuit and thermally protected.
  • Universal AC-adapter included with four (4) interchangeable plugs for US, UK, EU, and China.
  • Five (5) DC Power cables included (500mm long)

Price: $99.99

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