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EurekaSound Offers New Versions of Pickup Mounts

Several new versions are now available, including a humbucker-sized model.

Pittsburgh, PA (June 22, 2017) -- EurekaSound LLC is proud to announce several new versions of the popular eurekaSound Hole Pickup Mount, including the much requested "humbucker-sized" model.

The eurekaSound Hole Pickup Mount is an incredibly easy and affordable way for a musician to put a magnetic pickup into their acoustic guitar.

Now available in five models:

  • Strat-sized pickup
  • Humbucker-sized pickup
  • Strat-size pickup for parlor-sized sound hole
  • Single-coil P-bass pickup for acoustic bass
  • Unique 2/4 split pickup with stereo out

All models include both a volume control and a 1/4" jack that attaches to the guitar endpin for strain relief. And just like a pickup in an electric guitar, you can adjust the pickup height via the pickup height screws. Installation requires no soldering or modification to the guitar - just slide it in, plug in a 1/4" cable and start playing. And all models are 3D printed and hand assembled in the USA.

"Before our original eurekaSound Hole Pickup Mount, guitarist could choose between a few dozen acoustic pickups." said Dave Graham, co-founder of EurekaSound. "Now the eurekaSound Hole Pickup Mount line literally gives guitarists the ability to chose from several hundred more pickup options. And the 2/4 split pickup can be a standard mono pickup, or with a flick of the switch it can be stereo, separating the upper four and bottom two strings*."

Watch the company's video demo:

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