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Fastback Releases Beard Comber Pickups

Fastback announces the Beard Comber pickup, designed in partnership with Ryan "Fluff" Bruce.

Shoreline, WA (February 3, 2013) -- Fastback is proud to announce the release of the Beard Combers high gain pickups. These Fastback pickups are designed in partnership with acclaimed gear reviewer Ryan “Fluff” Bruce of Riff, Beard & Gear and Black Metal Bicycle.

The Beard Comber pickups offer clarity in the high end with a fast balance low end response for a bold well rounded sound. The Beard Combers are available in both six and seven string versions. These passive pickups are built with Alnico 5 magnets, AWG 43 four-conductor hookup cable for optional wire tap guitars. The neck is wound to 12K+ while the bridge is wound to 16K+.

The Beard Combers are sold in a classic designed tin case with black comb included. The first 20 sets will come with a promotional free Jimmy Clip. The Jimmy Clip is a clip that is placed over the strings either on the bridge or headstock to control unwanted frequencies or overtones.

Street price for the Beard Combers in either the six or seven string version will be $120 single or $230 per set direct from

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