Fender commemorates 25 years of producing MIM instruments with a celebration in the Ensenada factory.

Ensenada, Baja California (August 1, 2012) – Fender Musical Instruments Corporation celebrated the 25th anniversary of its factory in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, on Friday, July 20. “We are very proud to have reached such a significant milestone,” said Sergio Villanueva, senior vice president, global manufacturing, for Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. “The level of craftsmanship produced in this factory is a testament to its success.” More than 1000 guests, including local dignitaries, company executives and factory employees, commemorated the facility’s 25-year anniversary with spectacular fireworks displays, live mariachi music, performances by Escuelita Fender, Grupo Fandango, and the popular Norteño band Intocable.

We were in Ensenada and got a look behind the scenes at the company's Mexican facilities:

Fender Custom Shop Senior Master Builder Mark Kendrick and his protégé, Lorena Gudiño.

An Ensenada employee applies two-tone Tolex to the cabinet of a combo amp.

One of the latest guitars to come out of Mexico is this Factory Special Run Strat in black paisley. Fender also made an FSR Tele in the finish.

Strat pickup covers for Road Worn instruments go through a stage of the aging process.

In addition to Fender instruments, the Ensenada factory also produces instruments of other brands in the FMIC family, including these Guild Arcos acoustics.

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