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Foxgear Presents the ANUBI Series

Foxgear Presents the ANUBI Series

Both the Ambient Box and Modulation Box feature stereo ins and outs, MIDI functionality, and room for 128 presets.

Sun Valley, CA (December 17, 2019) -- The Foxgear Anubi series consists (at the moment..) of two different devices: the Ambeint Box (Blue) and the Modulation Box (Pink). Based on the trusty FV-1 Digital processor used in many boutique pedals, including our award winning Rainbow, the Anubi boasts a super bright LCD display, visible in any light conditions, and a super easy-to-use interface:

  • Stereo Engine (input & output)
  • MIDI interface to manage Presets and EXP.
  • 16 algorithms
  • 128 presets available
  • 16 MIDI programmable channels
  • LCD display
  • Analog mix
  • Digital programmable mix
  • 100 percent analog signal path
  • Class A buffered bypass with relay

The Anubi Box is the perfect addition to your pedalboard or your Amplifier’s FX Loop as a master FX unit, Anubi is able to give you one of the widest choice of premium designed Algorithms both for Ambient (Reverb, Delays, Shimmers, Chorus) or Modulation (Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Leslie, Polyphonic Pitch Shifter, Octave) and even some together (Rev+Dly, Rev+Chorus, etc..). You can easily manage it by MIDI pedalboard, or MIDI looper/switcher to change up to 128 presets with 16 different algorithms and also use control change to assign an expression pedal to modify each parameter like delay time, levels, speed, or pitch shifting to obtain, i.e. a well working Whammy effect.

Scrolling the edit knob, you can set the different algorithms and by pushing the edit knob, you can access to the menu to modify all the parameters and values. Then you can push and hold edit and push the jog shuttle to save all the parameters to the selected preset. Very Easy! The signal path is 100 percent analog and with audio capacitors (no SMD) in the audio path, so the quality and dynamics are intact and superb.


The main mix set the general analog mix of the pedal over the clean signal that always passes thru the pedal without being digitally converted to preserve the quality. An additional digital mix is present in all the presets, which lets you modify and recall/save it to the desired level, from 100 percent wet, to the complete bypass of the whole pedal.

Retail price is $299.

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