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Friedman Amplification Launches the Sir-Compre Pedal

Friedman Amplification Launches the Sir-Compre Pedal

Compression and gain in a single stompbox.

Los Angeles, CA (October 18, 2016) -- Adding to the company’s growing line of guitar effects, Friedman Amplification introduces the new Sir-Compre compressor/gain pedal.

Designed by tone-guru-to-the-stars David Friedman, the Sir-Compre is an optical compressor pedal with a special twist: a wide-ranging gain control that allows you to shape the overall sound of the pedal from ultra-clean to semi-overdriven.

The compressor portion of the pedal offers organic, high-quality optical compression with intuitive controls that make it easy for guitarists to dial-in the type of compression they’re looking for. Controls include: volume, treble and compression; a “tight” knob for sculpting lower frequencies; and a “gain” control knob that is coupled with a two-way internal switch.

The tight knob controls crucial low-mid frequencies that exert a big influence on overall guitar tone. By turning up the tight control you can obtain a leaner, more focused sound. By turning it down, you can unleash a fatter, more bombastic tone.

The gain knob controls the amount of grit added to the signal. An internal switch allows you to choose between two gain modes: low and medium gain. Together, the gain knob and two-way internal switch greatly expand the Sir-Compre’s versatility. By combining compression and overdrive, you can achieve a huge range of tones. Semi-gritty compression, warm compressed overdrive, singing drive - it's all at your fingertips with the Sir-Compre.

Sir-Compre features include:

  • Volume, treble, compression and tight controls
  • Wide-range gain knob and two-way internal switch for selecting low and medium gain modes
  • True bypass switching
  • Powered by 18VDC (no battery)
  • Built in USA using premium components

The Friedman Sir-Compre carries a street price of $199.99.

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