A pair of locking nuts that increase sustain, warmth, and clarity.

Washington Crossing, PA (October 5, 2016) -- FU-Tone.com is proud to bring you this revolutionary new locking nut. At FU-Tone we have always loved the sound of a brass nut upgrade on Strats and Les Pauls. Traditional brass is an inherently soft material and not the best choice for locking nut based on the rigorous job it needs to do. After experimenting with several different alloys, we finally found a version of Naval brass with the ideal density for securely locking the strings in place while delivering the sound of the classic brass nut!

Titanium locking nuts provides the ultimate in strength and accuracy while increasing sustain, warmth, and clarity.

FU-Tone offers both Naval Brass and Titanium locking nuts in 1 5/8” (R2) and 1 11/16” (R3)

Retail Price: $259.00 Naval Brass / $269.00 Titanium

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