FU-Tone Releases Black Titanium Hardware and Saddle Inserts

The new hardware is designed for players that prefer a traditional look but want the performance of titanium.

Washington Crossing, PA (September 8, 2020) -- - FU-Tone.com, The original tremolo upgrade company, launches new line of Black Titanium Tremolo Hardware and Saddle Inserts.

The FU-Tone.com Team is excited to announce the launch of their new Black Titanium Tremolo Hardware and Saddle Inserts

In an effort to continued development of products that improve tonal and performance options for guitarists, FU-Tone has developed replacement tremolo hardware made of indestructible black colored titanium. Normal tremolo hardware is prone to failure, corrosion and breakage. Key components such as string locking screws, saddle mounting screws, nut clamping screws and saddle insert blocks are now available in black titanium which will function at a higher level, never fail and sound better.

Founder and President of FU-Tone.com, Adam Reiver said of them, “Adding the black titanium was specifically for the players that prefer that traditional look for hardware and saddle inserts but demand the performance, reliability and tone of titanium.”


  • Black Titanium String Lock Screw Set - $49.00
  • Black Titanium Saddle Mounting Screw Set - $39.00
  • Black Titanium Nut Clamping Screw Set - $29.00
  • Black Titanium Saddle Insert Set - $49.95

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