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FU-Tone Releases New Line of Humbucker Pickups

The pickups feature an output of 15.5k (bridge) and 10.0k (neck) and sport alnico 5 magnets.

Washington Crossing, PA (June 6, 2018) -- FU-Tone, The original tremolo upgrade company, introduces new humbucker pickups. FU-Tone Custom Pickups come in bridge- & neck-position styles.

“Based on years of experimenting with different pickup compositions, I have found a recipe that really compliments the FU-Tone vein of tone” said Reiver. With an output of 15.5k (bridge) / 10.0k (neck) and alnico 5 magnets the FU-Tone bridge & neck pickups really pushes your signal while keeping crystal clear tones and heat where you need it.

Retail Prices for FU-Tone Pickups:

  • FU-Tone Bridge Humbucker - $79.95
  • FU-Tone Neck Humbucker - $79.95
  • FU-Tone Neck & Bridge Humbucker Set – 159.95

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information: