The pickups feature an output of 15.5k (bridge) and 10.0k (neck) and sport alnico 5 magnets.

Washington Crossing, PA (June 6, 2018) -- FU-Tone, The original tremolo upgrade company, introduces new humbucker pickups. FU-Tone Custom Pickups come in bridge- & neck-position styles.

“Based on years of experimenting with different pickup compositions, I have found a recipe that really compliments the FU-Tone vein of tone” said Reiver. With an output of 15.5k (bridge) / 10.0k (neck) and alnico 5 magnets the FU-Tone bridge & neck pickups really pushes your signal while keeping crystal clear tones and heat where you need it.

Retail Prices for FU-Tone Pickups:

  • FU-Tone Bridge Humbucker - $79.95
  • FU-Tone Neck Humbucker - $79.95
  • FU-Tone Neck & Bridge Humbucker Set – 159.95

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:

A signature fuzz for Boris's guitar sorceress is a unique twist on the Big Muff formula.

Easy to navigate. Unique fuzz tones. Range-y knobs reward tweaking.

Trebly settings can be harsh.


EarthQuaker Devices Hizumitas


Boris know a thing or two about fuzz. As volume dealers by trade, they've spent nearly three decades dousing audiences in waves of distorted decibels. So, when the folks at EarthQuaker Devices decided to honor Boris guitarist Wata, they looked to her favorite vintage fuzz, the Elk BM Sustainar.

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