Fuchs Announces Plush Cerberus Guitar Center Exclusive Pedal

Cerberus is a Tri-Mode overdrive pedal that was designed by Andy Fuchs exclusively for Guitar Center.

Clifton, NJ (July 6, 2013) -- Fuchs Audio Technology‘s Plush FX Pedal Division is proud to announce the “Cerberus” pedal, a Tri-Mode overdrive pedal that was designed by Andy Fuchs exclusively for Guitar Center.

The “Cerberus” features premium internal components, which are selected for low noise and superior tone. The pedal’s “true bypass” includes one 9-volt battery and can be powered externally by any standard 9-V adaptor with a 2.1 MM plug and center negative (Visual Sound One-Spot, Godlyke Power All, etc). The Cerberus Tri-Mode overdrive provides three distinctive overdrive gain and clipping modes, as well as allowing you to carefully adjust both the input and output gain to perfectly tailor your pedal to your own unique personal sound. The green mode is a High gain rock mode an “English Style” plexi-voice with sparkle, edge and grit. The “blue mode” is a medium gain blues mode in the “D Style” with a mid-driven smooth overdrive and highly touch sensitive. The “red mode” is a low gain rock mode “American style” rock mode with more midrange drive than English mode and smoother clipping when driven hard. It sounds more like a tube rectified style sagging vintage American amp. The exterior finish is a hard guitar grade polyurethane finish, which is silk screened and then baked to lock on the labeling and harden the clear coat. MAP: 179.00

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