See the new electric, acoustic, and bass guitars from Musikmesse 2013.

b3 Fire SL
"Premier Builders Guild's Gene Baker has reprised the b3 Fire SL with a body shape that hearkens back to its earliest incarnationsяi.e., the body line from the top bout continues on in a straight line to the bottom bout. It also has a deeper-set neck tenon, splittable Lollar humbuckers, and a distressed finish option."

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How an Italia Speedster, a sturdy Jazz bass, and a little “sad chorus” can kickstart an international dance party.

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Luthier Dave Helmer shows you how to cure buzzy strings, bad intonation, gnarly frets, high action, and other common troubles with off-the-shelf axes.

Guitars are the best. We love them. It’s fun to fall in love with a guitar at a store, buy it, and proudly bring it home. But we’ve all been there … where after a month that new guitar is just not playing as good as it was before. As guitar players, we know what feels good and what feels bad when it comes to playability. Maybe you have setup preferences that you like on all your guitars, or maybe you want to experiment with changes to your setup?

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See a sampling of picks used by famous guitarists over the years.

Marty Stuart

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