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Gallery: Riot Fest 2018

We cherry-picked the essential guitar-centric happenings from Chicago’s three-day celebration, including performances from Johnny Marr, Elvis Costello, Incubus, Weezer, Bad Religion, Jesus Lizard, and more!

Andrew Stockdale

Wolfmother’s Andrew Stockdale

For the show-stopping “Woman,” Wolfmother’s lead man twists his faded-brown Gibson SG, which features a Bigsby and is either a’72 or ’73. During a 2016 interview with PG, Stockdale described his influences: “Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, George Harrison. I like Robby Krieger from the Doors. I like guitarists who don't necessarily just shred. I’m into people who try to bring some kind of melodic structure to the solo, so it’s almost like a hook.”