In our inaugural Show Us Your Gear Gallery, we feature the go-to instruments of our readers.

"This 2004 Gibson CS-356 is one of a limited run of about 40 that were made in honeyburst with a slim '60s neck for Wildwood Guitars in CO. She is all stock except I put speed knobs on her to match my Les Paul Custom. I got the guitar off of eBay by pure luck (and without the prior knowledge of my wife). So when it came, I named it after her with a custom inlay truss rod cover. That way, if she complained about me spending money then I could always say ""But honey, I could never sell YOU!"" She liked that I had done that (it was the first time I'd named one of my guitars) and so any problems were avoided. However, since then, she told me that she really liked my acoustic the best so it has been named ""Barb"" and the CS-356 was renamed ""Audrey"" after my late grandmother. This guitar is my #1 and has the perfect blend of features in my opinion, with a Les Paul-sized body (but a little lighter, it weighs 7 lbs 4.2 oz) and similar tones. The Classic 57 pickups give me everything from a Les Paul's growl and bite to a ES-335's ""woody"" tones, and I can even make it sound like a Tele if I play near the bridge on the front pickup and set my amp just right! A lot of other guitars may come and go in my collection but ""Audrey"" will always be my ""keeper # 1""! - Mike McQuain"