Itty, bitty boot print—same killer volume and expression control.

I use my volume pedal a lot: to steer clear of vocalists, approximate pedal steel and cello, generate dubby psychedelic space trails, and duck nasty clams. Because I rely on volume pedals so heavily, I like the reassurance of feeling a substantial one underfoot. But even with this tactile bias, I find Dunlop’s Volume (X) Mini familiar feeling and very effective.

The Volume (X) Mini is probably less than half the size of the volume pedal I typically use. But it’s actually got more features—most notably a switch that enables conversion to an expression pedal that you drive via the AUX output. (Effect parameter minimums and heel/toe polarity can also be set using an internal trim pot and switch, respectively.) The all-rubber footprint, meanwhile, is a minor stroke of genius if you use your volume pedals apart from a pedalboard or eschew one entirely.

True, I did miss some of the mass and substance of a bigger pedal footprint. And the combination of an all-black enclosure and diminutive size meant I nearly missed my target entirely in a dark practice space. But in terms of feel and dynamics, I love the Volume (X) Mini’s smooth, wide volume taper.

Test Gear: Fender Telecaster Deluxe, Fender Champ


Compact. Expression pedal functionality. Rubber base plate. Very smooth volume taper.

All-black enclosure and small footprint make it hard to see on dark stages.


Quick Hit: Dunlop Volume (X) Mini

Ease of Use:



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