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Quick Hit: Vox Adio Air BS Review

Quick Hit: Vox Adio Air BS Review

A compact and suave bass amp with a Vox full of useful goods inside.

Vox’s 50-watt Adio Air BS bass amp can certainly serve as a simple desktop “practice amp,” but it’s also loaded with onboard amp models and effects, works as a recording interface, houses an onboard tuner, and is equipped with Bluetooth for both streaming music and pairing with the amp’s free Tone Room app.

The personal boom-box-sized amp is powered by plugging in or with eight AAs. It’s unmistakably Vox-looking, with its diamond-pattern grille cloth protecting the two 3" drivers. The topside command center has a multitude of knobs and buttons to run all its features, but it’s a smart and clean layout making it quite user-friendly straightaway. I dove right in to the “modern” amp model and topped it with the onboard fuzz effect for a pleasantly full, grinding rock tone. When I got the easy to use Tone Room app running on my iPhone, it allowed for a host of deeper tone tweaking and explorations of preset sounds.

One of them was “wah funk,” a combo of the app’s T Wah and hall reverb effects going through Vox’s “classic normal” tube-head model, which served up a convincingly warm and funky auto-wah sound. The Adio Air BS is a fun little amp and I was impressed with the low-end and volume it could muster through its diminutive speakers while traveling down its rabbit hole of modeled tones.

Sure, you can spend much less than $300 for a 50-watt practice amp, but the Adio Air BS is much more than just a practice amp, if you take advantage of all it has to offer.

Test gear: Orange O Bass, Fender Precision

Recorded with Fender Precision using Adio Air BS as interface in Garageband.
Clip 1 - Wah funk preset. EQ flat.
Clip 2 - Modern amp model_Gain at 1’oclock, treble at noon, middle at noon, bass at 11 o’clock. Fuzz effect engaged.



Wide range of sounds. Great tones for its size. Stylish look. Bluetooth streaming and interface functionality are welcome features.

It’s pricey if you aren’t using all the features. Tuner function is not inspiring.


Vox Adio Air BS


Ease of Use: