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Rig Rundown: A Day to Remember

The adventurous metalcore crew explains how their guitar idols influenced their traditional-meets-digital setups.

Westfall has been a loyal user and abuser of ESP singlecuts for years and now finally has a signature model based on the specs of famed Ozzy guitarist Randy Rhoads’ ’74 Gibson Les Paul. Neil is a minimalist metalhead so his dream ride is an ESP Eclipse model that is loaded with a single Bare Knuckle Aftermath and volume knob. Two other requests Neil had for his sig was that ESP used RS Guitar Works 500k pot for sharper dynamics when using the volume knob and then implementing a 25.5”-scale neck to help provide tension for low tunings. He uses Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky .012-.056 gauge strings and most of their songs are in a drop-C tuning.

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