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Rig Rundown: All Time Low

The SoCal punk outfit rocks a mix of classic Fender and ESP instruments with cutting-edge Kemper gear.

Lead guitarist Jack Barakat’s main ride is this purple ESP Eclipse-II that has custom pumpkin inlays with Seymour Duncan pickups—a JB in the bridge and a Jazz in the neck—because he felt the standard active pickups ESP uses are too hot and distorted for the band’s sound. However, he bypassed all the electronics in the guitar and the bridge pickup goes straight to the output jack. He prefers to have his axes finished in matte because it helps him retain a solid grip up and down the guitar after starting to sweat during performances. (Oh, and he does like how it looks, too.) All of his guitars are strung up with Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkys .011–.054. He uses custom All Time Low-branded Jim Dunlop Tortex .73 mm picks.