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Rig Rundown: Brendan Benson

The Raconteurs guitarist and solo artist welcomes PG into his studio to show off his collection of offbeat and vintage gear.

Brendan Benson took a break from recording and touring with The Raconteurs and his solo project to show Premier Guitar around his studio in the heart of Nashville’s music row. Although Brendan’s live rig is about as simple as it gets, (Vox AC30HW2, Guild M-75 Aristocrat, and a Spontaneous Audio Devices Son of Kong pedal) in the studio he employs a bevy of oddball pedals, guitars, and amps.


When it comes to guitars, Brendan has a huge assortment of unexpected options including MotorAve, Epiphone, Danelectro, Harmony, Vox, Fender, Gibson, Trussart, Eastwood, Castle Creek Dobrato, Låg, Silvertone, Matin, Guild, and more.


Brendan spends a lot of time experimenting with sounds in his studio. This cabinet full of effects conveniently located in the amp room gives Brendan almost unlimited tone options.


Brendan wisely began buying Supro amps before they came into vogue. Today he has an impressive stash of Silvertone, Vox, Fender, Marshall, Reinhardt, Epiphone and 65Amps.