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Rig Rundown: Cory Branan

The Memphis honky-tonkin’, Tele-twangin’ songster reveals his beefed-up guitarsenal with 6-string stalwarts, a custom 3rd Power combo, and a stockpile of stomps.

Cory Branan6

While guitars have and will continue to come in and out of Cory’s life, his search of tube tone is over thanks to Dylana Nova at 3rd Power. Based on her Clean Sink platform, Cory’s souped-up requests included more power (original Clean Sink maxes out at 28 watts whereas this one hits 40 watts) and he wanted a switch that toggled between blackface and brownface voicings on top of the blendable American and AC (with optional boost) voicings. The single speaker of the mean machine is an American-made 12" Warehouse Guitar Speaker Green Beret.

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