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Rig Rundown: Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis and Lou Barlow [2017]

One of rock’s loudest guitar-and-bass duos catalogs their ferocious setups.

J sported a hefty board in our 2012 episode and continues to rely on a bevy of pedals that are still controlled by a Bob Bradshaw-built Custom Audio Electronics switcher. Some standout stomps include a ToneBender MKI/Rangemaster-clone combo pedal made by Built to Spill’s Jim Roth (bottom right corner—in a new enclosure since the 2012 video), Mascis’ first Electro-Harmonix “Ram’s Head” Big Muff (top right), an EHX Electric Mistress, an MC-FX clone of a Univox Super-Fuzz, a CAE Twin Tremolo (upper left), and a ZVEX Double Rock (two Box of Rocks in one, bottom left). Different pedals from the last video include a newer Tube Works Real Tube Overdrive, a Moog MF Delay, an Ibanez Analog Delay Mini, and a Boss TU-3S Tuner. Everything receives juice from either an MXR MC403 Power System or an MXR M237 DC Brick.

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