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Rig Rundown - Dream Theater's John Myung

See the basses, amps, and effects Myung uses live with video and photos.

PG's Rebecca Dirks caught up with Dream Theater tech John Zocco to check out the gear John Myung used for the band's A Dramatic Tour of Events fall 2011 tour. Watch the video below (and click here to see our John Petrucci Rig Rundown):


Myung plays custom Music Man Bongo 6-string basses. The basses have a standard body size with a 5-string bass neck for closer string spacing. The basses only have a single volume control (the top knob) while the other knobs are locked at the middle position so their settings aren't accidentally adjusted. The pickups are set to an even blend of single-coil and humbucker. The string gauge is .032-.130. The blue bass is used for alternate tunings (low A and low D). He also uses a fretless bass (not pictured) for an acoustic set.


Myung uses a Shure UR4D wireless. From there the signal goes into a switcher, then to a Radial JD-7 splitter that splits into three signals. The first goes straight to a Demeter Tube DI, while the second goes through a Demeter Optical Compressor, Demeter Preamp, then Demeter VTHF-300M into a Radial JDX speaker simulator. The third output goes into the Fractal Audio Axe-FX II, which handles overdrive, chorus, reverb, and any other effects processing.


On the floor, Myung uses a Fractal Audio MFC-101 switcher with all of the patches he needs to switch between effects. He uses an Ernie Ball Volume Pedal as Master Volume to pull the signal back to tune. He started using the Moog Taurus 3 pedals this tour for what his tech calls, "seat-rattling low end."

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