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Rig Rundown: Eric Krasno

The co-founding guitarist for Soulive and Lettuce, Grammy-winning bandmate in Tedeschi Trucks, and producer for Norah Jones and 50 Cent welcomes PG into his new California home studio for a tour of his tone treats.

Eric Krasno9

A big plus to making cross-country move was the ability to plug into his tube amps without booking a rehearsal space. A fave that he’s been bonding with at his new home studio this Supro Statesman. On top of the 5881-powered head is the Universal Audio OX that captures real tube amp tones via a direct signal and then allows someone to quickly swap between various speaker sizes, cabinets, and even microphones through the box’s proprietary modeling tech. While still in Brooklyn, Krasno saw this as invaluable, and while he now has the room and ability to crank up, he still loves the flexibility it gives him when wearing the producer’s hat.

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