The ingredients for a gypsy-punk dance party are simple: a sturdy 6-string, a hearty tube amp, and a few essential tone shapers.

He wired and routed this beauty himself, which currently has a TC Electronic PolyTune Noir Mini 2, Keeley Katana, Big Ear N.Y.C.’s Frank and Chaka Octave Fuzz, MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive, TC Electronic Spark Mini, a pair of Mooer Ana Echo units for varied delay times, MXR Carbon Copy, and an MXR Smart Gate. He controls all his pedals with a Carl Martin Octa-Switch MkIII and they’re all juiced up thanks to a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Mondo.

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An overachieving overdrive that gets way bigger than its name suggests.

Sweet balanced crunch tones. Dynamic. Sparkling, full, and clean at attenuated guitar volume. High-quality build.

Pretty expensive.


Great Eastern FX Small Speaker Overdrive


Overdrive pedals don’t often set my world alight—even great ones. But I’ve spent a month with the England-built Great Eastern FX Small Speaker Overdrive, and it remains attached to the other end of my coil-y cable. Ostensibly, the Small Speaker is meant to be a variation on the tweed-Fender-Champ-in-a-box theme. However, both the pedal’s name and the Champ associations fail to do justice to how large and alive it sounds and feels tethered to a bigger amp.

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