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Rig Rundown: Henry Kaiser's Five Times Surprise

A studio visit with the new gear-heavy improv/art-rock supergroup that includes Henry Kaiser, Andy West, and Anthony Pirog.

During the original run of the Dixie Dregs, Andy West used stompboxes, including a Mu-Tron Bi-Phase, an envelope follower, and various dirt pedals. Today he’s pared his live rig down to a Line 6 Helix and a full-range Electro-Voice PA cabinet for his clear, articulate sound. He brought the Helix to the studio, and it gets a little help from the now-nearly-ubiquitous Eventide H9 and an expression pedal. Andy loves the Helix for its ability to pre-program various signal chain routes, plus add a little dirt, and in the studio he uses his android phone to change programs on the H9. Watch the video for his effects routing preferences via both devices.

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