The DIY rockers take PG on a tour of their live tone toys.

Meyer’s signal’s first stop is a Boss TU-3. From there it hits his Aguilar Tone Hammer, and then goes on to a SansAmp Bass Driver DI that splits the signal to the front of house with an XLR cable and to the bass amp chain via a 1/4" cable. In front of the amps, there’s a Boss BB-1X Bass Driver and a Dunes by EarthQuaker Devices. Next, there’s an A/B box that allows him to run to the amps and blend or bypass them, or play using only the DI, or use both amps plus DI. Just for the Deville, there’s a Bows and a Tentacle, both by EarthQuaker. All pedals are powered by a Voodoo Lab Mondo.

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