The rising country star reveals which legendary picker recently built her a "Mary Kaye" Strat clone, as well as why she started painting guitars.

Ell runs her guitars into a Shure ULXD4Q quad-channel digital wireless system. From there, the signal hits a Dunlop 535Q wah, a J. Rockett Audio Archer Ikon, an Ernie Ball VP Jr volume pedal, an Xotic BB Preamp, an MXR Digital Reverb, a Dunlop EP103 Echoplex Delay, and a Boss DD-7 Digital Delay. A Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus provides the juice, while D’Addario’s Custom Series and American Stage Instrument Cables hold it all together.

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Fender’s American Vintage II Series

For these new recreations, Fender focuses on the little things that make original golden-era Fenders objects of obsession.

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The Red Sea was born out of the vision to provide complex signal routing options available to the live/performing musician, that up until now, are only found in a studio mixing environment.

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Stardust V3 was designed to capture the sound and response of 3 distinct amplifier models.

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The Sunn O))) Life Pedal circuit has been meticulously tweaked from the original and includes a third footswitch.

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