He fronts two menacing bands with his “Ferrari-like” signature Jackson, but he’s also got a soft spot for his vintage ES-335.

Above is the 2020 Pro Series version of Davidson’s signature Warrior WR7. The notable differences are in the body tonewoods (Custom Shop uses caramelized ash, this one is mahogany) and the Pro has a Floyd Rose 1000 Series Locking tremolo. The neck shape/dimensions are the same—something Davidson was keen on: “During the Custom Shop run Jackson’s senior master builder Mike Shannon just nailed the neck profile and feel with its urethane finish, so I was glad we were able to put that on the Pro Series instrument.” It still has his signature DiMarzio Imperium humbuckers. And this year’s run saw a dignifying upgrade. “Adding some walnut stains and allowing the natural beauty of the wood, gives the extreme-looking instrument some class.”

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