Godlyke Releases Line of TWA Fly Boys Pedals

The TWA Fly Boys combine a tiny footprint with a competitive price.

Clifton, NJ (November 14, 2013) -- Godlyke is pleased to announce the release of the TWA Fly Boys mini pedals for guitar. The TWA Fly Boys offer exceptional sound quality in an ultra-compact footprint at a competitive price point.

TWA Fly Boys feature a lightweight, extruded aluminum chassis that’s the perfect size for crowded pedalboards or long-distance travel gigs. Quality components and a bullet-proof construction assure reliable performance while True Bypass switching keeps your tone clean and clear.

Current FLY BOYS models include:

  • FB-01 Distortion – Marshall-style Distortion with Drive, Tone & Level controls. List $89 / Street $69
  • FB-02 Overdrive – Classic tube-amp overdrive with Warm & Hot modes. List $89 / Street $69
  • FB-03 Echo - 600 milliseconds of gorgeous, transparent delay time. List $99 / Street $79
  • FB-04 Chorus – Lush, vintage-style chorusing with Rate, Depth & Level controls. List $99 / Street $79
  • FB-05 Metal – 80’s-style high-gain distortion with Lo/Hi Boost switch. List $89 / Street $69

For more information:

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