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Hello Music Launches Dollar String Club for Guitarists

Dollar String Club delivers electric guitar strings directly to any location for as little as $1 per month.

Los Angeles, CA  (August 18, 2012) – Hello Music, the leading marketplace and social commerce platform for musicians, premiers Dollar String Club today. Dollar String Club is the most convenient and affordable way to ensure guitarists always have fresh strings on hand. For Hello Music community members, Dollar String Club delivers electric guitar strings directly to any location for as little as $1 per month.

Every musician knows it’s impossible to predict when a string will break, and they should be changed regularly to maintain optimum tone. Because guitarists always need to have fresh strings on hand, Hello Music’s Dollar String Club simplifies the process, handles the heavy lifting, and saves its members time and frustration. Members simply pick their preferred string type from three options, set their shipping address, and automatically receive their desired strings each month.

Dollar String Club offers an American-made option for every player with three pricing and quality tiers:
- HM Select: $1/month for a set of vintage-style, nickel-plated steel strings for a warm, full-sounding tone
- HM Premiere: $7/month (shipping inclusive) for a special set of cryogenically frozen strings for twice as much lifespan, durability and tone
- HM Platinum: $9/month (shipping inclusive) for strings with increased mass, tighter windings, smoother feel, extra-long life and a more resonant tone unrivaled by conventional string design

“As artist advocates, we're constantly thinking of new ways to save musicians even more time and money – and we realized there was no streamlined way to purchase quality strings," said Rick Camino, CEO of Hello Music. “With our new monthly subscription service, everyone from weekend warriors to touring professionals can now get amazing strings at a very reasonable price, automatically reordered and delivered monthly. Dollar String Club is just the first of several new innovative, premium services Hello Music will be making available to members this fall."

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