Hudson Electronics Unveils the Broadcast, Fuzz, and Pretty Flamingo

The first 15 production units of the Broadcast will feature a Mullard-made NOS black glass CV5712 (OC71) germanium transistor.

Hutton, East Yorkshire, UK (April 7, 2015) -- European Musical Imports is pleased to announce three changes to UK’s Hudson Electronics Pedal line.

The Broadcast is a discrete Class-A germanium pre-amplifier based on the classic broadcast consoles of the 1960s. In the low-gain setting, the Broadcast can cover everything from sparkling clean boosts to transparent overdrive, all with a healthy dose of volume available to push your amp. With the gain switch in the high setting and the trim control wound up, the Broadcast starts to deliver heavier distorted sounds with a warm and fuzzy edge to them - perfect for delivering the tweed deluxe amp’s characteristic extreme touch-sensitivity. The Broadcast covers a wide range of driven and distorted tones whilst remaining dynamic, responding well to pick attack and the subtle nuances of every player. The first 15 production units will feature a Mullard-made NOS black glass CV5712 (OC71) germanium transistor and the subsequent units will be fitted with a NOS Russian type.

The Pretty Flamingo is Fuzz 1967 style. The Pretty Flamingo takes the infamous MKII as its starting point it, giving it all of that thick, chewy fuzz the MKII circuit is loved for. The WEIGHT control regulates how much low end is added to the circuit. Its effect is twofold - it makes the Flamingo brighter whilst also reducing the overall gain of the pedal. This gives the player access to some great sounding overdrive/distortion tones that are less dense than your typical MKII fuzz. We've managed to obtain a strictly limited number of NOS Mullard OC42 transistors, hand selected and matched to sound phenomenal in this circuit. Only 20 of these units will be made available worldwide.

Hudson’s revised design of the FUZZ now comes loaded with a trio of NOS Mullard transistors, has a smaller footprint, takes up less pedal board space, has more range on the sustain control and better clean up when turning down the guitar’s volume control.

All three pedals will be available at authorized Hudson Electronics dealers in the USA, early May 2015.

For more information:
Hudson Electronics

A compact pedal format preamp designed to offer classic, natural bass tone with increased tonal control and extended headroom.

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