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Hylight Electronics UK Unveils Vintage Reissue Amp Line

The amps aim to deliver a new take on the original Dave Reeves designs.

London, UK (February 20, 2020) -- Hylight Electronics UK has just unveiled at the NAMM Show 2020, Anaheim, USA the newly re-designed Vintage Reissue Series of classic hand-wired amplifiers. Offering a higher headroom, a pure classic British sound, the Vintage Reissue amps deliver a new take on the original Dave Reeves’ designs by upgrading components in order to obtain more clarity at lower volumes and punch at higher output. The VR Series introduce the new Effects Loop and Line Out features, which offer more connectivity and flexibility in blending in undistorted effects, and the option of combining the direct & mic’ed up sounds of the amplifiers.

The VR Series of amps are the result of meticulous research performed by Hylight’s top class engineers, who have now taken the legacy and the best of British amplifier manufacturing into the future. The new amps have been re-designed to appeal to modern players of all styles. Due to their connectivity features and high headroom, Hylight amps are especially suitable for users of effects pedals.

Vintage Reissue (VR) Series features:

  • Re-designed with modern guitar players in mind
  • High quality military spec hand-wired point-to-point amplifiers
  • Upgraded capacitors to Golden F & T’s for higher headroom and clarity
  • Upgraded to ceramic grey military spec CGS resistors for improved tonal response
  • Optional features: DI output, Effects Loop
  • All amplifiers are custom made in England with high-grade components
  • Unmistakably high quality English custom made transformers, the heart of all truly great amplifiers
  • “JJ” Premium matched preamp and power valves
  • Choice of specially sourced tolex in 3 colours: Black, Racing Green, Bold Red
  • Incredibly sounding Fane Alnico A60/A90 & Celestion Alnico Gold/Blue speaker options

All amps re-designed and hand-built in London, England, UK. MSRP: VR504 head - $2999.00 & VE212F/C cabinet - $1199.00; VR204C (20W “Shiny Diamond” Combo) - $2699.00. Available online and via dealers in UK, EU, USA, Canada and other countries around the world.

Watch the company's video demo:

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