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Ibanez Introduces the RGKP6 and SRKP4

Ibanez Introduces the RGKP6 and SRKP4

Both models are equipped with a Korg Mini Kaoss Pad.

Bensalem, PA (October 22, 2014) -- Known as an industry leader in creating innovative high-end performance guitars as well as affordable, genre-influenced instruments, Ibanez takes on the world of electronic music with the introduction of the new RGKP6 and SRKP4 Korg mini kaoss pad 2s equipped guitar and bass. The head-turning street price is expected to be in the neighborhood of $400.

Each model includes a built-in/detachable Korg mini kaoss pad 2s to create a unique hybrid instrument that offers guitarists and bassists endless opportunities to incorporate the dynamic effects of Electronic music into their performance. This detachable “fast-swap” design is ready to accept new generations of Kaoss technology, guaranteeing these instruments will remain relevant. And while the musical possibilities are daunting, the mechanics of these state-of-the-art machines are surprisingly simple.

Located directly in the path of the picking hand, the Kaoss Pad 2S puts 100 effect programs within the reach of a finger for seamless, “real-time” manipulation. Other Kaoss features include a synthesizer, a built-in mp3 player, and a digital recorder to capture performances. Guitarists and bassists will appreciate the way the Mini Kaoss Pad 2S integrates with the RG guitar and SR bass, implementing elements such as built-in gain/distortion, an effect bypass toggle, and a 1/8” headphone jack for private jam sessions.

Junji Hotta, Ibanez USA Guitar Product Manager comments: “I’m sure we weren’t the only custom shop to experiment with this concept, but the challenge for the Ibanez team was: Can we turn it into a musically inviting, yet accessible guitar and bass? Everyone who has spent a few minutes playing one tells us we succeeded on both accounts, in a way that only Ibanez can.”

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