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ISP Technologies Announces the Deci-Mate

ISP Technologies Announces the Deci-Mate

The first micro-pedal to offer the company’s unique noise reduction system.

Waterford, MI (September 10, 2018) -- ISP Technologies has introduced the Deci-Mate, the first micro-pedal to offer the company’s unique noise reduction system. With full implementation of ISP’s world-renowned Decimator technology, and including new tracking improvements, the micro Deci-Mate pedal is a “no gate, no compromise” pedal.

The Deci-Mate’s single-knob simplicity makes it a user-friendly solution for real-time noise reduction. It benefits from years of innovation: the ISP Technologies engineering team has been awarded multiple patents for developing the company’s Decimator technology.

The Deci-Mate features the adaptive response of the Decimator, which tracks the envelope of both super-fast staccato notes as well as long sustained notes. The Deci-Mate also incorporates new Decimator X technology, which uses time vector integration and eliminates any modulation of the notes, thus allowing long sustained notes to provide amazingly smooth responses.

Other noise gates feature a release knob – a compromise solution to adjust the release response in an attempt to best match the release to your playing style. If you set a fast release to remove noise, the instant you stop playing, the long, sustained notes will either get an undesirable cutoff or will chop off the signal with a very ugly modulated release as the signal decays.

In contrast, ISP’s Deci-Mate provides a fully adaptive release response, which tracks the envelope of the signal and instantly changes the release from super fast to a long, smooth release for sustained notes. With the Deci-Mate you don't have to rely on a pedal with a fixed release time. The Deci-Mate offers full adaptive response that tracks exactly what you’re playing, all in a super-small package that delivers transparent performance. The Deci-Mate won’t alter your tone and is a full analog design without any digital artifacts or aliasing providing the most transparent noise reduction available. When real estate is critical, the Deci-Mate is the answer.

Deci-Mate features include:

  • True Bypass switching.
  • Greater than 90db effective noise reduction
  • 9-volt operation with standard DC adapter

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