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ISP Technologies Introduces the Stealth Ultra-Lite

ISP Technologies Introduces the Stealth Ultra-Lite

A compact, high-power guitar amplifier with a built-in preamp allowing direct interface with small pedals.

Waterford, MI (August 18, 2017) -- The new Stealth Ultra-Lite is the first ULTRA compact, high power guitar amplifier with a built in preamp allowing direct interface with small signal foot-pedals. The Stealth Ultra-Lite provides 180 watts Peak, 90 watts RMS output power into a 4 ohm load. The Stealth Ultra-Lite is based on ISP Technologies patented Dynamic Adaptive Amplifier Technology and delivers nearly 60 volts peak to peak output signal swing from a 19 volt DC power supply by use of stored energy. The built in preamp is designed to allow instrument level pedals to directly drive the Stealth Ultra-Lite to maximum output level plus you have the added tone shaping capability of +/- 10dB bass and treble control providing up to 47db of composite signal gain. The flexibility of the Stealth Ultra-Lite built in preamp also allows direct interface with professional +4dB rack mount signal levels.

The Stealth Ultra-Lite offers efficiency close to that of a Class D amplifier but has the great tone and overdrive clipping characteristics of a Class A/B analog power amplifier. The Stealth Ultra-Lite weighs less than one pound, but packs the performance of a true 90 watt guitar preamp / power amplifier all in a package size of 1.73 inches tall by 5 inches deep and only 4.9 inches wide.  Drop the Stealth Ultra-Lite on your pedal board and end up with a true compact rig with enough power to play with a drummer on stage.  The Stealth Ultra-Lite will deliver a true 90 watts RMS 180 watts peak into a 4 ohm load (60 watts RMS 120 watt peak into 8 ohms) and comes with a universal switch-mode power adaptor that will operate on any line voltage between 100 and 240 volts worldwide. Tour with confidence knowing that the Stealth Ultra-Lite will operate anywhere in the world, on any AC mains, with the included universal power supply. ISP has also designed in Pop free operation with protection against shorts, open circuits and thermal runaway.


  • Single channel 1x 180 watts Peak, 90 watts RMS output power
  • Built in front end preamplifier with 12dB gain, +/-10dB Bass and Treble
  • Smallest lightest high power amplifier for the guitarist available 1.73 X 4 X 4.9 inches .9 lbs
  • External 19VCD switch-mode power supply included for operation from 100VAC to 240VAC
  • Class A/B amplifier circuit for analog saturation and clipping sonic performance
  • Internal protection for shorts and open circuit
  • Time Delay turn on operation for POP free turn on and turn off

MSRP: $305.00 / MAP: $255.71

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