ISP Technologies Introduces the Vector FS Cabinet

Designed for use with digital guitar processors that incorporate a speaker simulated output.

Waterford, MI (January 15, 2016) -- The ISP Technologies Vector FS is a Full Spectrum Audio Guitar cabinet /monitor designed for use with today’s digital guitar processors that incorporate a speaker simulated output.

The Vector FS provides a powered 400 watt RMS full spectrum audio cabinet with frequency response from 50hz to 20khz. With the Vector FS, the guitarist can hear exactly the same signal that is coming from the Front of House sound system on stage. The Vector FS has two separate inputs so the players can feed the speaker simulated output to one input and mix a second monitor signal from FOH eliminating the need for a second stage monitor speaker. The Vector FS can be used on the floor as a monitor or placed on a pole for vertical mount applications and includes a selectable response for either floor or pole mount applications. When used as a floor monitor, the Vector FS has a 40 degree tilt angle.

The tuned Vector FS cabinet is based on a high performance 12 inch Neo woofer with a demodulation ring for improved midrange clarity and lower distortion. Also, a 1 x 1.75 inch poly diaphragm high frequency compression driver on a 60 x 80 advanced waveguide is incorporated for accurate HF response.

All of the components are powered by a dual channel, 400 watt ISP Technologies patented D-CAT power amplifier that has been precision tuned and equalized for flat, Full Spectrum Audio. Our 400 watt RMS rating is a true constant measurement, not an inflated "peak" performance rating that is calculated at less than a second, and not sustainable or applicable to real life usage. The Vector FS can deliver up to 126db SPL peak output level for even the most demanding stage performance. While the Vector FS is the perfect partner of the ISP Technologies Theta Pro DSP floor guitar system, it will function flawlessly with other guitar systems or product with a Speaker Simulated output. The 22"H x 18"W x 14.5"D cabinet is made from 15mm Baltic Birch and has the tough Polyuera Spray finish, making it road worthy strong.

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