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Jacques Pedals Unveils the Bête Noire

The pedal combines plexi-like distortion with an analog phaser.

Marseille, France (August 7, 2018) -- The newest addition to Jacques' quality professional effect pedals, the Bete Noire is the perfect match of natural distortion and analog phasing modulation.

Designed to combine modulation and distortion, the Bete Noire recreates plexi distortion with a complete array of controls, and features an inboard vintage analog phasing effect that can either be mixed in or used independently. A newly engineered circuit tailors the Bete Noire's amp-like distortion, giving phasing modulation perfect room size to breathe.


  • European quality construction
  • New plexi distortion circuit
  • 'Brown’ switch mode
  • ‘Variac’ gain control
  • Built-in analog phasing
  • Effects can be used separately or mixed to perfection
  • New ‘Chomp’ bass attack control
  • Acclaimed Silent True Bypass switch
  • 9v standard operation

The Bete Noire carries street price of $250 and is available at select retailers and can also be purchased directly from Jacques Pedals online store.

Watch the company's video demo:

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