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Jamboard Introduces the Pro Deluxe Pedalboard

Jamboard Introduces the Pro Deluxe Pedalboard

The back panel also includes pre-drilled holes to accommodate nearly all types of rackmount-style cable jacks.

Gordon, GA (February 5, 2018) -- The Jamboard Pro Deluxe pedalboard was released to show what will soon become standard on all Pro Series pedalboards.

The Jamboard Pro Series pedalboards already have features that most other pedalboards don’t. It’s solid construction and beautiful looks make it stand out from the herd. Some of the original and new features include:


  • Premium Select Pine frame – Lightweight with a beautiful grain
  • ¾” thick Oak-ply Pedal Surface – Beautiful wood grain and thick enough to not bend when stomping pedals
  • Steel corner protectors
  • Handles for easy movement
  • Back panel includes IEC power cable input with a switch that glows when turned on.
  • Back panel also includes predrilled holes to accommodate nearly all types of rack-mount style cable jacks.
  • All Cable in/outs are located in the back to reduce clutter
  • Underneath is the Jamboard designed Power Supply Mounting System. Made from solid steel and aluminum. It basically clamps a power supply to the underside of the pedalboard without the need to drill or screw.
  • The Pro series can be customized from top to bottom. Jamboard builders work directly with the customer to ensure 100% satisfaction.

The Pro series made its mark all over the world in 2017. 2018 brings an updated version with more options and an upgraded build process that makes it even stronger and rugged.

Current Jamboard Pro Deluxe Price without case: $179.99- 12”x18”, $199.99- 12”x24”, $219.99- 14”x28”, $259.99- 16”x32”

With Case $299.99- 12”x18”, $319.99- 12”x24”, $349.99- 14”x28”, $394.99- 16”32”

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