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JBE Pickups Releases the S-Deluxe Chunky Bridge Pickup

JBE Pickups Releases the S-Deluxe Chunky Bridge Pickup

JBE Pickups announces a new Strat pickup aimed at more muscular sounds.

Manassas, VA (July 30, 2013) -- Today, JBE Pickups/Joe Barden Engineering today announces the S-Deluxe Chunky bridge pickup for Stratocaster players.“The S-Deluxe Chunky has just a bit more muscle in the bridge position that Strat players have been asking us for ever since the introduction of the Modern T-Style bridge pickup for the Tele”, said Frank T., President of JBE Pickups. 

The S-Deluxe Chunky is a perfect solution for those Strat players who do not wish to go all the way to the dark bridge tones of a Fat Strat.  For these players and for those wanting just a bit thicker tone in the Strat’s bridge position, the S-Deluxe Chunky is the perfect answer.  Best of all, the ‘chimey’ single coil and  “in-between” sounds of the Strat’s middle/bridge pickup combination is not lost as in a Fat Strat and full sized bridge humbucker.

Like other S-Deluxe pickups hum and noise are eliminated.  What’s left is pure Strat tone but with a little…more. The S-Deluxe Chunky bridge pickup is also available as part of a 3-pickup S-Deluxe Chunky Set.  

Chunky Bridge $159.95
Chunky SET $439.85

JBE continues to offer the S-Deluxe HSS and HSH Sets with HB two/tone for those Strat players who want optimum flexibility with on-the-fly switched single-coil and full-bodied humbucker tones and whose guitar body is already routed for a full sized humbuckers

 “You need to hear and play the S-Deluxe Chunky for yourself”, said Frank T. … “the extra weight may just sound good on you”.

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