JColoccia Guitars Introduces the Big Cannoli Overdrive

A versatile overdrive with some added tone controls.

Bolton, CT (March 16, 2015) -- JColoccia Guitars has introduced a brand new overdrive for 2015. The Big Cannoli is JColoccia's first offering in the medium to high gain overdrive market.

A beautifully voiced midrange firmly stakes out your territory in the mix, without the harshness and ear fatigue often associated this style of overdrive. At high gains, the Big Cannoli fills out your tone with a rich overdrive that's right at home rattling windows, but still maintains excellent clarity for lead work and active rhythm playing. At lower gain settings, you're rewarded with a drive that feels very natural and dynamic, and that can go from clean to dirty by rolling off the guitar volume or altering your pick attack.

As with all JColoccia products, the Big Cannoli was designed around the professional musician, with intelligently designed features and tones based on feedback from live and studio work. Every Big Cannoli is built by hand, inspected and tested in JColoccia's shop, nestled in the woods of Connecticut halfway between Boston and New York City, and every Big Cannoli comes with a transferable, no nonsense lifetime warranty.


  • Bass/Treble EQ and Fat-Tight-Cut voicing controls for versatility in a wide range of live and studio settings
  • Stacks very well with other drives and fuzzes, or as a boost for your amp
  • True Bypass switching
  • 9-volt battery or 9V-18V DC jack
  • Internal DIP switch for additional output boost (ONLY for 18V operation)
  • No nonsense lifetime warranty

$199 street

For more information:
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