K-Line Guitars Introduces New Humbucker Pickups

The PAF-style pickups are available in four different output levels ranging from 7.2k to 8.5k.

Saint Louis, MO (March 2, 2020) -- After nearly 7 years of research and development, K-Line Guitars introduces the all new humbucker pickups. The PAF style humbuckers extend the choice of available pickups beyond the Strat, Tele, and P-90 styles currently in our catalog. These pickups are made to exact specifications of the highly sought-after originals. Each pickup is hand wound by Chris Kroenlein right alongside the guitars. We have taken original samples and had them duplicated to achieve the right combination of magnet composition and wire diameter to come up with what we believe is the closest to the originals. PAFs are well known for their asymmetric coils that produce a very clear and bright tone not found in many of today’s offerings.

The K-Line PAFs are available with the following options:

  • All pickups are made from specially designed parts to exact specifications of the originals.
  • Available in 7.2K, 7.6K, 8.0K, and 8.5K that can be combined for a custom set.
  • Magnets are degaussed alnico II but can be ordered with alnico V and III as well.
  • Open double black, zebra, or nickel silver covers in nickel.
  • 49.2mm or F-Spaced available by request.

K-Line humbuckers are $150 per pickup and can be purchased as a set or individually.

For more information:
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