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Keeley Electronics Unveils the El Rey Dorado Distortion

Keeley Electronics Unveils the El Rey Dorado Distortion

A collaboration with Riff City Guitar that aims to capture that classic British plexi-style tone.

Edmond, OK (April 26, 2018) -- Keeley Electronics is proud to announce the El Rey Dorado, a collaborative effort with our friends at Riff City Guitar in St. Joseph, Minnesota that delivers a powerful and infinitely useable distortion that will cover all of your plexi-style needs.

“I want black and gold plexi tone,” Joe Leach, owner of Riff City Guitars yells!!

The El Rey Dorado is your new go-to box for that plexi tone. Yes, there is a wide range of 1960s plexi amp tones in terms of power, tubes installed, speakers, and/or cabinet used, but this hits the core-tone bullseye! One of the many reference points for the tone was Robert’s JTM 45/100 full stack. It’s a dead-on reissue Marshall did with crazy cool custom-made vintage recreation speakers and dual transformers to transfer the load of the four EL84s!

The El Rey covers a lot of classic British tones by featuring two gain modes with the power toggle. With the power toggle switch you have control over the compression and harmonics. Lo Power mode is louder, has more girth, and has fewer harmonics for a more old school tone. The Hi power mode has more compression, more harmonics and a tighter, more defined tone. Old-school crunch in Lo power mode, super lead tones in the Hi power mode.

The first 100 units were hand built, and sold out quickly over the weekend of April 20th, 2018. The hand built units will be followed by a production run, which will be available on May 4th, 2018.

The Keeley Electronics El Rey Dorado Distortion will be available exclusively at,, and Street Price is $149.

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