Kinman Pickups Introduces Six New Gen-2 Zero-Hum S-Style Pickups

The Gen-2 S-style pickups can be used as direct replacements for most guitars with Strat-type pickups.

(November 27, 2018) -- Kinman pickups, the King of Noiseless, has announced the release of five new models of  Zero- Hum S-style pickups.  The Gen-2 S-style pickups can be used as direct replacements for most guitars with Strat-type pickups and they carry a new, easily accessible price.

Kinman's new Gen-2 range have the same crystalline high frequencies, snappy attack, scooped mids and dynamic range as the best non-noiseless single coil pickups. Now you can get Fender classic pristine tones...without the annoying hum.

Kinman calls this type of sound "non-aged" sound because it’s the same kind of sound as great examples of new Fender pickups of yesteryear before they aged.  After aging for 30 odd years Formvar wound pickups produce aged sound which has lost some presence and snap. Kinman's patented technology allows the company to achieve pristine Fender sound with Zero-Hum.


The second generation Impersonator E56 pickup for Stratocaster produces the outstanding pristine crystalline sound of an original 1956 Strat pickup with Zero-Hum. It does this with Kinman's exclusive Alnico-5 rod magnets that have just 65 percent of the magnetic pull of regular Alnico-5 which means longer sustain and less crashing of strings into fret crowns  and no Strat- it is for a pristine clean, clutter free sound.  Kinman pickups give you Pure Musical Energy.


The Gen-2 pickups also have new architecture meaning the string sensing coil is taller and the hum sensor is squashed but the overall height is the same as the original Kinmans and installs without modification into most guitars that have Strat type pickups.  Kinman Gen-2 pickups have patented advanced magnetic field shaping technology which has given rise to new boxed Artists sets of pickups with the sound of your favorite guitar demi-god.


There are six Gen-2 Stratocaster pickups, which can be mixed and matched for balanced loudness and different sounds from a 5 position selector switch.

  • The Scoop: low output, it produces the midrange scooped Strat sound of a 1976 pickup, Zero-Hum
  • Impersonator E69: low to medium output, sounds better than a 1969 Strat pickup, Zero-Hum
  • Impersonator E56: medium output, sounds  better than a highly esteemed 1956 pickup when it was new, Zero-Hum
  • Impersonator E54: medium output, sounds better than a real 1954 with Alnico 3 magnets, Zero-Hum
  • Texas Jalapeno: high output, beefier & snappier with sweet but sizzling highs, Zero-Hum
  • Big-Nine-O: very high output, huge wonderful sound for balancing with humbuckers and P-90's, Zero-Hum

Another big surprise about the Gen-2 models: budget friendly pricing of $ 290 USD for a boxed set of 3 pickups and just $98 for a single pickup.


Now more than ever Kinman Zero-Hum pickups deliver crisp and snappy pristine Fender sound with no gimmicks and no nonsense.


PayPal and Cards accepts. Orders are shipped within 5 working days and delivered by FedEx.

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