A harmonic tremolo that features FM-generated LFO shapes, tap tempo, and three unique voicing modes.

Seattle, WA (June 22, 2020) -- Korora Audio introduces the Merlo harmonic tremolo pedal, featuring a wide palette of tone shaping options, LFO shapes, and tap-tempo rate control.

Like traditional harmonic tremolos, Merlo alternates between high-pass and low-pass signals. Merlo also allows setting the crossover frequency, as well as the resonance and roll-off of the high and low pass filters. It also uses a more complex filter design that adds subtle (and sometimes pronounced) formants to the sound.

Merlo uses frequency modulation (FM) in the LFO to produce a wider range of musically interesting envelope shapes. These include sine, triangle, and pulse envelopes, and also include ramps and other asymmetrical shapes. The Shape control allows continuous morphing from one shape to a completely different one, for example from a sine to a ramp.

Not limited to being a vintage circuit emulation, Merlo provides a range of textures that will boost your creativity in any tremolo situation, or may have you using a tremolo where you never would have before.


  • Three unique tone shaping modes offering a wide palette of tremolo voicings
  • FM generated LFO shapes
  • Tap tempo that glides to the new rate
  • Soft touch true bypass
  • Top mounted jacks
  • Standard 9V DC power (180 mA), power supply included

Merlo is available now, priced at $249 direct from kororaaudio.com, reverb.com, and select retailers.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Korora Audio

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