L.R. Baggs Expands Align Series with Chorus and Delay Pedals

Both pedals will debut for a street price of $179 each.

Nipomo, CA (January 3, 2019) -- LR Baggs announces the addition of Chorus and Delay pedals to their award-winning Align Series. The pedals will debut at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, January 24 – 27, 2019 and will ship to retailers beginning in February 2019. Created specifically for acoustic musicians, the Align Series integrates studio processing tools, a high-fidelity preamplifier with foundational tone-shaping EQ, proprietary effects, and the most pristine, all-discrete active DI LR Baggs has ever engineered. This highly versatile pedal series expands the tonal palette with a vast range of control that’s uniquely tailored to complement and enrich the voice of acoustic instruments.

In the same way a choir enhances the foundation of a melody, the Align Chorus complements an acoustic guitar rather than placing the effect in the limelight. With the purity of LR Baggs’ circuitry and the effect in side chain, the Chorus adds fullness behind the guitar without any signal degradation. The pedal was designed with simple and intuitive controls that help the player dial-in a pleasing effect quickly and easily. A unique Size control blends two chorus voicings that interact with one another as the knob is turned. It’s essentially like adding more instruments as the user increases the size. Additionally, a Tone control shapes only the affected signal, enabling the ability to dial-in the perfect balance for the instrument.

The Align Delay brings a classic effect to acoustic musicians by optimizing the signal for high-fidelity instruments. By expanding the range of their sonic profile while underlining their primary acoustic sound, the Delay augments both rhythm and melody for a larger dimensional sound and feel. LR Baggs has combined the most desirable qualities of both analog and digital circuitry to create the best possible sound with the convenient features of a modern platform. The Tap button sets the desired tempo or the Tap Tempo input can be used with an external time control device. The Tone control only effects the repeats, ranging from warm and analog-like to clear, digital-like echo–for a versatile effect that can be tailored to fit any musical context.

The U.S. street price of the Chorus is $179 and the Delay is $179.

The new Chorus and Delay join the Align Series pedal suite which includes the Session, Equalizer, Reverb and Active DI.

Winter NAMM, Hall E Booth 5406

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