LACE Pickups Introduces Bill Kelliher’s Dissonant Aggressor Series

The Dissonant Aggressors have been designed to have increased dynamic response, sustain, and articulation.

Cypress, CA (January 16, 2014) -- Lace Music Products is proud to introduce the Dissonant Aggressors Signature humbucker pickup series.

Kelliher is one of the guitarists for the mega heavy metal group Mastodon . Kelliher as player and songwriter has also been awarded the Metal Hammers’s Golden God award for “Best Shedder”. He has featured in numerous articles and has been compared to many guitar icons of the day. He is considered by many to be one of the best in heavy metal.

After choosing Lace pickups for his very successful Gibson “Golden Axe” Explorer , Kelliher has developed his own Signature humbucker, the Dissonant Aggressors . Working closely with Jeff Lace they have created a pickup that are specific to the requirements of Kelliher and are not based on any other pickup.

Dissonant Aggressors capture perfectly the unique power and passion that Bill brings to the music world. These humbuckers have been designed to have increased dynamic response, sustain and articulation that cuts through all that it encounters. Unbalanced coils in both neck and bridge pickups yield a much more dynamic top end without being “too boomy”. The patented Lace design provides enhanced classic HB tone with the extra bonus of “ultra quiet” single coil tone while in split mode.

Another requirement for Kelliher’s new Signature pickup was that achieve his signature tone and passion without the need for batteries. This humbuckers are passive in design and will never fail either on or off the stage while depending on a battery to enhance his pure Kelliher tone.

Lace’s unique patented monolithic magnet fields, which sample a much greater section of string movement, are the key to his desire.

The Dissonant Aggressors are available now. They can be ordered in a set or neck or bridge positions. Finished are available chrome, gold and black powder coat crackle. All of the colors feature Kelliher’s signature logo.

Lace Music Products is a leading supplier and designer of passive pickups for the electric and acoustic guitar industry for 35 years. Lace pickups have been used by most of the top name players in the world.

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