The Blue Dog offers both clean boost, as well as multiple overdrive tones.

Chicago, IL (August 2, 2012) – The first in the company’s line of US-built, boutique-style effect pedals, Laffing Dog has unleashed a new overdrive pedal – the Blue Dog – bringing a new mindset to the boutique pedal market.

Designed to appeal to both professional and non-professional guitarists, the Blue Dog offers both clean boost, as well as multiple overdrive tones. Designed to be interactive with the guitars volume control, the overdrive cleans up nicely by simply rolling down the guitar volume.

Each pedal offers the following features:
• Five knobs to control Volume, Tone, Gain, Drive and Clean – allowing you to fine-tune your individual tone.
• Clean control to blend clean signal back into the overdriven signal, bringing back all the harmonic overtones.
• True bypass on/off switch
• 9-volt operation and standard DC input

Depending on how this feature is used, it can have a varying effect on the overall tone of the pedal. If for example the pedal is used to overdrive a clean sounding amp, the Clean knob will determine the “grittiness” of the signal. A wide-open Clean setting can be used to push the amp into mild breakup in addition to the tone of the Blue Dog overdrive section. Or you may find that the Drive knob wide open with the Clean knob fully counter-clockwise is the sound your after. Conversely, if the Blue Dog is used in front of an already overdriven amp the pedal can be used to punch through for solos, or can subtly, (or not so subtly), change the amps character. Dialing in more clean settings can help a thick overdriven sound maintain clarity and definition, (especially pick attack).

Designed and built in the USA, the Blue Dog is shipping now. Suggested retail/street price is $139.00 whether purchased at a retail outlet or via our website direct.

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