Nashville, TN (July 21, 2011) -- Lâg Guitars (Summer NAMM booth 800) has expanded their Tramontane line to include three new ukulele series. Each instrument is adorned with a “tiki

Nashville, TN (July 21, 2011) -- Lâg Guitars (Summer NAMM booth 800) has expanded their Tramontane line to include three new ukulele series. Each instrument is adorned with a “tiki man” rosette design, and all models come with a matching, padded gigbag.



Baby U700S

Lâg ukuleles are available in the 77 Series, the 100 Series, and the 700 Series. Consistent features include die-cast machine heads with satin black oval buttons, an arched back design, and a solid rosewood fretboard with nickel frets.

Lâg 77 Series instruments are constructed using a mahogany top, back, and sides, accented by black and ivory bindings, and are outfitted in a French satin finish. Both a soprano (U77S) and a concert model (U77C) are offered in this line.

Featuring a modern, high-gloss black finish, the Lâg 100 Series ukuleles upgrade to a solid mahogany top with mahogany binding for a stylish contrast. The 100 Series includes a slim-bodied baby soprano (Baby-U100S-BLK) and a standard concert (U100C-BLK) model. The Lâg 700 Series ukuleles are crafted with solid koa back and sides, plus a solid koa top. The elegant French satin finish is highlighted by rosewood and maple binding. The premium 700 Series includes two models—a slim-bodied baby soprano (Baby-U700S) and a standard concert model (U700C).

Model                    Ukulele / Style                                        MSRP          Available
U77S                     77 Series Soprano (mahogany/satin)           $ 194          July 2011
U77C                     77 Series Soprano (mahogany/satin)           $ 224          July 2011
Baby U100S-BLK     100 Series Soprano (black/gloss)                $ 244          Sept. 2011
U100C-BLK             100 Series Soprano (black/gloss)                $ 274          Sept. 2011
Baby U700S           700 Series Soprano (koa/satin)                   $ 398          July 2011
U700C                   700 Series Soprano (koa/satin)                   $ 444          Sept. 2011

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