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Levy's Leathers Introduces MGJ2 Strap Series

Levy's Leathers Introduces MGJ2 Strap Series

The series of straps features nine vibrantly textured jacquards.

Winnipeg, Canada (April 10, 2015) -- Levy’s Leathers has introduced the new MGJ2 series of straps featuring nine vibrantly textured jacquards.

Each strap is sumptuously lined with complementary, super-soft, tucked edge, leather backing and tri-glide adjustment.

Pictured here are three of the nine MGJ2 variations (from left to right: 006, 005, 004). The 2" wide straps are adjustable up to 56” in length. Also available in extra long (XL), which adds 12" to overall length.

Suggest retail price is $93.30.

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